Ingenuity Studios is a growing, tight-knit visual effects company located in the heart of Hollywood.

Over the past 10+years we have been responsible for some of the most eye-popping, memorable visual effects for television, film and advertising.

We focus on teamwork, innovation, internal development and creativity and we believe it is our mission to set the standard for quality, speed and customer service in our industry.

Candidates must be eligible for work in the United States either as citizens or through a sponsored visa.

Interested candidates should send their resume and reel to:

Senior Nuke Compositor

Ingenuity is looking for Senior Compositors to join its growing team. We're working on some of the top shows on primetime television as well as a variety of commercials and feature films.

Our Nuke Compositing team works collaboratively with our Producers on a variety of traditional and complex visual effects work: set extension, cg integration, matte painting, keying, rig removal, etc.

We're looking for candidates who are passionate about post-production with a great attitude and an excitement for continued learning. Applicants should have advanced Nuke experience and be able to employ a variety of techniques to creatively solve problems including use of Nuke’s 3D system, 2.5d projections, camera tracking, and multi-pass compositing.

We require a minimum of 2 years experience compositing in a photo-real environment for this position. Experience in scripting, gizmo creation, and lighting are considered a plus.

All candidates are required to take and pass our compositing test and complete a paid on-site trial day. This is a staff position with full benefits including healthcare and paid time off.

Nuke Compositor

Our Nuke Compositing team works collaboratively with our Producers on a variety of traditional and complex visual effects work: set extension, keying, cg integration, rig removal, matte painting, screen replacement, paint outs, tracking, and roto.

We're looking for candidates who are passionate about film/tv post-production with a great attitude an excitement for continued learning.

Must have a functional knowledge of Nuke. Experience with Mocha, After Effects, or Camera Tracking Software is a plus.

We're accepting applications for Nuke Compositors of intermediate and advanced skill levels and have a strong training program to help team members gain skills and master methodologies.

All candidates are required to take and pass our Compositing Test. All contracts begin with a two-week trial period to formally assess skill level and gauge fit within our team and pipeline.

Pipeline TD

Our growing team at Ingenuity is looking for a Pipeline TD to help with a variety of tasks related to artist efficiency and workflow.

Ideal candidates will have a background in Computer Science or a related field and exhibit strong problem solving skills. Working knowledge of the Nuke, Maya, and Houdini APIs Python APIs is a plus but not required; raw programming skill has more weight than API knowledge.

The bulk of our current pipeline is in Python, PySide, and Javascript (nodejs). Our tools are backed by a MongoDB database with a large focus on cross platform applications.

You'll work closely with the artists in a variety of departments to create tools, add features to existing tools, and fix bugs; enabling the artists to work faster and more efficiently by removing barriers to repetitive tasks.

This position is considered entry- to mid-level, with room for growth and development as the role expands.

All qualified candidates are required to take and pass our Programming Test as well as answer a variety of programming related questions during the interview process.

Houdini FX Artist

Our FX Artists work along side the other members of CG department and collaboratively with compositors on a variety of traditional and complex particle and dynamics based fx work: rigid bodies, smoke, fire, liquids, and lightning to name a few.

Ideal candidates will have an excellent knowledge of Houdini, strong problem solving and math skills, and experience building digital assets.

This position is considered entry level, with major growth and development potential within the FX team.

All qualified candidates are required to take and pass our FX Artists Test.

CG Generalist

Our CG Team is looking for experienced 3D artists to work on a wide range of tasks including: hard surface modeling, kitbashing, organic modeling, sculpting, texturing in Mari or Substance Painter, shading, and lighting.

Work can be both independent and collaborative and is mentored by a strong group of senior artists.

In most cases CG Generalists are allowed to work in the software of their choosing, with a pipeline that focuses on easing and unifying common tasks and publishing.

Ideal candidates will display a strong sense of organization, artistic ability, and attention to detail as well as an eye for composition, light, and color. Experience with basic compositing or Houdini is a plus.

All applicants are required to take and pass our CG Generalist test.

Motion Graphics Designer

Individuals will work closely with Producers/Creative Directors to create, conceptualize and deliver a wide variety of 2D motion & still graphics elements to support numerous TV and film projects as well as internal design tasks.

Qualified candidates will possess strong design conceptualization and problem solving skills, the versatility to replicate/emulate a variety of styles using After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator while working in a fast paced visual effects production environment.

Ideal candidates would have a working knowledge of 3D animation and comfort and familiarity with Third-Party AE Plugins (Trapcode, Video Copilot).

Potential projects include but are not limited to:

  • Logo/Typography Design
  • Concept Art and Design
  • Title Card & Producer Card pitches, design and animation.
  • 2D/3D Sign Replacement
  • Cell phone UI
  • HUD and Computer UI Design and Animation
  • 2D Character Design and animation
  • Retro/Vintage Video and Film looks
  • Insert Graphics/News Fonts

All qualified candidates will be required to take a short Designer Test.