Ingenuity's Los Angeles Office

Ingenuity exists to bring heart and technology to storytelling

We believe in dreaming impossible dreams, and working to make them real.

We believe being involved from the start benefits everyone.

VFX isn't just green-screens, color isn't just making things "pop"; integrating post-production from start to finish expands storytellers capabilities and puts the impossible within reach.

We focus on efficiency

Simple isn't always the best way to tell a story, sometimes it takes intimidating complexity - we shy from neither.

Our work speaks for itself.

We won't settle for less than our full capabilities. We're not just guns for hire, we love what we do and are passionate about being great.


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Our Creative Directors

Old-fashioned mad-scientist-artists

David Lebensfeld
David Lebensfeld

Founder / Creative Director

Grant Miller
Grant Miller

Creative Director / VFX Supervisor

The Producing Team

An unstoppable combination of dread and stress

Matthew Poliquin
Matthew Poliquin

Executive Producer

Michael Lebensfeld
Michael Lebensfeld

Producer / Managing Director


The real geniuses behind our work

Hurricane the dog

Terrier / Goat / Camel mix

Andiamo the dog

Bichon Frise / Lhasa Apso mix

Getting Here